Vaquita Technologies took its name from an endangered species, that are on the shrink of extinction due to human practices in open waters. To tackle the issue of contaminated waters, we started developing new environmentally friendly sensors with 24/7 data tracking, and active monitoring, that you can adjust according to your needs and geographical location.

Our Services

Product delivery

Once we finish building the device in our workshop, we deliver it directly to wherever you need it, in a secure package to make sure that all the components will arrive safely.

Live monitoring and alerts

After the sensors had been installed, you will have to access all of the data via mobile application or a PC. You can monitor the data whenever you need, with a possibility to set alarms for different parameters to constantly be in control.


We will come to your place of origin and set the device for you, no matter if it a river, lake, or an inner city canal. Every sensor comes with a detailed manual instruction as well, in case you would like to do it on your own!

Customizable parameters

Different water reservoirs, need different sensors - we understand that. Therefore we will calibrate and adjust the sensors according to your needs, and which parameters are of the most importance to you as a person.

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