water quality measured by technology of tomorrow

We have developed a quality monitoring system that predicts what will happen in a water reservoir. It is your chance to finally stay proactive to changes in the environment. Interested? Sign up for our beta program and learn more!


Our solution

Learn more about our system, which is developed with the newest technology available on the market.

water sensors

Custom parameters

We adjust the parameters in the station based on the client’s needs and feedback.


Optical sensor technology

Our sensors react to changes in the environment with a delay of less than 0.1 seconds.


Deployable everywhere

Due to the use of renewables our stations can be powered even in far remote areas.


Visual pollution free

Sustainable masking technology let us blend our station into the environment, so it does not disturb the wildlife.

Data Analysis & Forecasting Platform

person with a computer on a table

Full station integration made with one click

Log in to your account via our website and access all your water quality data.

Simple to operate

Our platform can be used by both experienced professionals and individuals, who have just started their journey with water quality.

Available on your desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Log in from any platform you want.

Affordable licensing for everyone

We offer both individual and group licenses depending on your needs!

How it works

Get started with 4 easy steps

Place a station into a water reservoir

Make sure that the station is fully submerged

Connect the station to the web

Wait for the light to turn green to indicate that you have successfully connected to the local network

Log in to our software platform

Verify if you can see the station on your dashboard

Set notifications and enjoy!

In the settings menu, choose an option of how often would you like to receive alerts


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of our startup. They serve as a lighthouse to our business, ensuring that we stay on the correct path of maintaining a sustainably driven future for all our stakeholders.



We were able to take our business vision further due to the financial support we received from different institutions, such as:

Malmo University (MAU Innovation)

Malmo University (MAU Innovation)

Date received: 01.02.2020

Grant value: 65 000 SEK
Almi Verification Grant

Almi Verification Grant

Date received: 27.07.2020

Grant value: 50 000 SEK
Ideon Innovation Verification Grant

Ideon Innovation Verification Grant

Date received: 01.12.2020

Grant value: 150 000 SEK
Vinnova Innovative Startups Step 1

Vinnova Innovative Startups Step 1

Date received: 01.04.2021

Grant value: 300 000 SEK

Meet our team


Nour Akel


M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering. 13+ years of experience in product development and ownership, hardware development and embedded systems. Responsible for product development, business development, supply chain, product life cycle management and stakeholder relations.


Vijaya Sekhar


Ph.D. in thermal/energy engineering with 20+ years of experience in software development and architecture. Extensive experience in data engineering, machine learning and implementing IoT solutions. Responsible for development of software platform, cloud services, firmware development, data engineering and internal tools.

What we have achieved?

March 2020

Company Established

We officially registered Vaquita Technologies in Sweden an ‘Aktiebolag’ (limited liability company). Our office is based in Ideon Incubator – one of the best technical workspaces in the southern part of Sweden. We took our company name from an endangered species in order to constantly remember our goal, which is to protect and make our planet better for everyone.

June 2020

Fully functional prototype completed

After few months of constant work, we completed our first fully functional prototype: The Alpha VAQ 1. Monitoring station powered by solar and wind energy, that is capable of measuring temperature, Ph and turbidity. We placed it in a river on the outskirts of Lund and monitored it for several months to verify its performance and adjust it accordingly.

December 2020

First major round of funding secured

At the end of 2020, we had been greeted with a Christmas gift beyond our expectations – a verification grant of 150 000 SEK from Ideon Innovation to help us continuing developing our product. This funding round helped us tremendously in building new prototypes and further improving our technology.

March 2021

Sign-off for three pilot projects

A few months in 2021, we officially went into collaboration with three major stakeholders within the Swedish water industry. Each of these projects had been signed to last until the end of 2021 and they target different market segments to ensure that we properly scout various business opportunities.


How can we help you?

Do you ship your station(s) internationally?


Can you come and install the station(s) for me?


My station(s) does not work, what do I do?


I want to place your station close to a lake where there is no electricity – will it still work?


I forgot to cancel my subscription for the forecasting platform – what should I do?


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